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Sit back, relax, and let our stylists work their magic.

Choose from any of our 8 styles. Luxurious shampoo and an expert blowout!
Dry Style
Arrive with clean, dry hair; no shampoo!
Up Style
Arrive with clean, dry hair and we’ll pin your hair to perfection!
Add On Braid  /  1/2 Up Style
Itty Bitty Breeze
The royal treatment for girls 6 and under!
Queen Mum
Our signature blowout for our 65+ guests!
Breeze2Go Mobile Styling

Can’t make it to us? We’ll come to you! Our Breeze2Go Mobile Team to your door! Contact for all the details!

Treatment Bar

Tension Trouncer
Relax with a 10-minute shiatzu scalp massage during your shampoo. You deserve it!
Repair my Hair!
Tame your stressed tresses with a 10-minute, deep conditioning treatment. Your hair will thank you.
Power Shots!
Highly concentrated, instant deep conditioning for maximum strength and shine.
Glossing Treatment!
Nourishes, creates shine and enhances color between salon visits.
Keratin Replenisher!
Silky, shiny, smooth finish for all hair types.

Make-up Bar

15-Minute Fresh Face Makeup
Our fresh, 15-minute face – eyes, cheeks, and lips!
30-Minute Full Face Makeup
Our event-ready, 30-minute face – full glam!
Air Brush Makeup $50
Lash Application $10